Winter lake

Have you discovered the healing power of nature?

Overcome isolation by submerging yourself in nature, whether it be a walk in a forest, a hike up a mountain, or, like me, dipping a toe into wild swimming.

Try getting in touch with nature yourself. If you notice a stone lying on the ground, pick it up and hold it. When you see flowers blooming on the side of the road, stop and smell their fragrance”  – Shunmyo Masuno


I had the good fortune to go swimming in the lake this morning. What a blessing to spend a frosty morning exploring this beautiful place!

Being submerged in water transports me to a different realm; the past is forgotten and the future is simply the next breath, the next movement.

As a surfer, I am used to reading the sea and waiting for waves, perhaps with a certain impatience. It seemed strange at first, to be swimming in a lake amongst such stillness, but I became fascinated by the hypnotic undulation of the water caused by my simple presence. A ripple effect, like a pebble dropped in still water. My movement and the movement of the water became a mediation together.

At this time we many of us may feel isolated and solitary. Yet in the water there is a feeling of oneness: It is the gift of nature and as human beings we are part of that greater gift. Being in nature is a way of healing isolation.

I don’t know if you have a new year’s resolution, but mine is to continue to spend as much time with nature as I possibly can xxx

Winter Swimming

Ice Swimming