Flowing River Retreat

Stressed? Irritable? Lethargic?
Join me on the Flowing River Yoga Retreat Online.

Be like water: nurture yourself with a delicious, restorative yoga retreat.

Join me, Genny Brown,

on Sunday 28th June for a half-day Flowing River yoga retreat online. 

The Flowing River retreat incorporates elements of air, earth, water and space:


Explore the ebb and flow of the breath and learn techniques for calming the system.


Be like water with a flowing, gentle almost dance-like warm up.


Ground yourself with a deeply therapeutic restorative yoga session. Use props, blankets and cushions as support so that you may melt into each posture. 


Allow your mind to feel spacious with guided meditation and yoga nidra – a deep form of relaxation for both body and mind. 

Sound good?

Join me on Sunday 28th June at 2.30pm online via Zoom. The retreat will last between 2-2.5 hours. Investment: £20.

Message me or contact me via info@yogaocean.co.uk for more information and booking. 

I look forward to seeing you there xxx

Flowing River