Coconut Rice pudding

I accidentally on purpose ending up cooking too much rice, so that I can make this Coconut Rice Pudding the next day.

This is really quick and simple dessert to make, or could be used as a breakfast dish.

‏I am not one to be too strict when it comes to cooking, however, I will advise you to refrigerate the rice as soon as possible after it is initially cooked (you can run the left overs in cold water then place in the fridge in a sealed container). It can be reheated the next day but do not keep it longer.

‏This really is a moveable feast, so feel free to experiment with whatever goodies you have in your store cupboard, the ingredients below are just a suggestion and I change it every time depending on how much rice I have and what is lurking in my fridge or cupboard.. (some grated coconut or seeds sprinkled on top make a nice addition, for example)

Serves 2
‏Skill: Easy
‏Time : 10 minuets with pre- cooked rice (white or brown, though white is more pudding-like)


‏Two servings pre-cooked rice
‏1-2 tbs creamed coconut plus 1-2 cups water OR tin of coconut milk
‏1 tbs coconut sugar (or soft brown sugar)
‏1 tsp cinnamon
‏3 tbs dried fruits such as raisins, sultana, cranberries, or you could try diced pineapple or papaya.
‏Pinch of salt (optional).
‏Fresh fruit to serve (optional)


‏Place the rice in a saucepan and add the coconut milk (or creamed coconut and water)

‏Stir over a medium heat until warmed through and the rice has softened, pressing down with a wooden spoon to break up any clumps of rice.

‏Once you have an even consistency, add the remaining ingredients and then continue to simmer and stir for about another 5 minutes or so until the dried fruit has plumped up and the flavours have melded.

‏Serve with an extra pinch of cinnamon and coconut sugar along with some tropical fruits.

Enjoy your Coconut Rice Pudding!


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